Robic fabric is sturdier and more durable than standard Nylon. It offers 24% greater tensile strength, 31% greater tear strength and is approximately 14% lighter than normal Nylon. In addition, gear crafted from Robic last longer, retain colour and offer superior UV protection.

Hypalon adds much needed strength and structure to gear. It is highly weather resistant and protects the bag from chemicals, UV rays and heat.

YKK buckles, despite being highly durable, are surprisingly lightweight. An ability to retain colour and UV resistance further add to the their superior performance.

Presenting the HypaDura collection - a revolutionary new concept in backpacks. Crafted from the strong and highly durable RobicTM fabric, the packs use superior technology materials giving them a performance edge in the outdoors. HypaDura uses abrasion resistant Hypalon at stress points, lightweight Litecell padded shoulder straps, YKK buckles and zippers and high tenacity TPU gear loops. The range offers enhanced ergonomic back systems, integrated rain-covers and quick access storage for all your supporting gear, making these backpacks an essential outdoor ally.

  • Hypalon
  • YKKBuckles
Performance Features